Breaking a sweat while providing shelter & comfort to animals in need.

After a huge running boom that began in the 2010’s, the number of races made it challenging for small businesses. Although Animal Care League’s (ACL), Mutt Strut, had bigger purpose than just your typical race. Every dollar raised goes towards providing shelter, medical care, and comfort to animals in need.

In the spirit to give this great race it’s own unique voice, we created a logo that was charming and fun to work seamlessly with ACL’s new branding. Relying mainly on a combination of digital and print tactics to encourage the community to participate in this great cause.

In-store collateral plus furry sponsor swag

When getting the word out, al types of creative communication counts. Posters and flyers were displayed in-store while the stars of the show, the pets, were doing their part by sporting their bandanas proudly.

Spreading the word out around the local community

High traffic areas, local parks and sponsor’s stores displayed 8-foot banners promoting the race helping spread awareness.

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