The Challenge: To promote new coffee drinks and menu items

For a family-owned coffee shop in the Midwest, it can be challenging to attract new patrons and compete with the big chains. To stand out from the competition, Kafenio offered seasonal drinks and lunch specials that their regulars and even new customers were unaware of.

To drive interest in seasonal drinks and increase sales, we developed a visual identity that matched Kafenio’s warm ambiance. In-store tactics like table signs and posters drew customers’ attention to the new items while expanding on their offerings

Soup or salad? We say homemade soup.

In addition to seasonal drinks, Kafenio decided to add homemade soups to its menu to complement its popular lineup of sandwiches and paninis.

Add a splash of flavor or a jolt of caffeine to your cup of Joe.

To create a social media presence and convert regulars into followers, Kafenio offered patrons free expresso shots or flavors for following them on any of their social channels.

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